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Culture, Travel | by Carmen Serrato
Posted: September 19th, 2011 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Android Superman In the days of old, travelers making their first trip to China might have found their bag chock full of language dictionaries, maps, travel guides, a camera and any number of familiar snacks. Now, all of that (except the snacks) fit into your palm-sized smartphone. We've already brought you the hottest iPhone travel apps for travel in China and now it's time for the Android. So without further ado, it's over to Carmen Serrato for the low down on must-have Android travel apps that'll make your China travel experience that little bit smoother.>>> In China for your first time? Don't really know the language or how to get around? Never fear... Android mobile apps to the rescue! In this smart phone age why fill your bag with dictionaries, maps, travel guides and other unnecessary junk when you can have it all in one pocket-sized device? We know that planning out your trip to China takes time, so we thought we'd help you out with some shortcuts to our picks for the best Android mobile apps to help you out when you get here, that way you can get back to planning your China vacation. Enjoy! Flight Track Screenshot 1) Travel smart and track your flight: Flight Track gives you real time flight status for airline flights worldwide. Covering up to 4,000 airports around the globe, this Android app provides users with real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations. In the process, you can also share your flight status with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter or any other messaging application on your phone. So next time you're taking a flight in China, be sure to check in for detailed flight information and avoid any nasty travel disruption surprises. Price: Free 2) Don't know a word of Chinese? learning Chinese, practicing your bargaining skills or brokering a business deal, this app will surely help the words to flow. Price: Free Google Goggles App 3) What's that landmark? Leshan Great Buddha but don't know a thing about its history, simply take a picture and let Google Goggles fill you in. And it doesn't stop there—Google Goggles is also a great dining companion: if you're struggling to find your way around Chinese cuisine, just snap a pic of the menu and Google will translate it for you! Price: Free Trip Journal 4) Record your travels: Tianan'men Square, climbing Huang Shan or camping on the Great Wall of China, you can take your loved ones with you by pinning your trail on a digital map via GPS tracking then sharing photos and videos taken at each spot on Facebook, Flickr and Google Earth. Price: USD 1.35 5) Currency exchange:
available on the iPhone. Price: Free 6) Subway map: Shanghai Shanghai. From strolling along the Bund waterfront to shopping in Yuyuan Garden or  Jing'an Temple, this app will help you get there. Price: Free Of course, we know there are more and more great Android apps out there everyday by creative young developers so get in on the conversation and tell us what you are using and why. And if you're stuck firmly in the iPhone camp when it comes to the battle of the smartphones, be sure to also check out our guide to the best China travel iPhone apps around!
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