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Posted: May 25th, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes Jingtailan Factory Beijing Polish photographer Damian Dzialoszynski is passionate about his work. Based in Beijing for the last seven months, he has taken that passion with him to the streets of the Chinese capital and beyond. Here he shares a few of his favorite images captured on his wanderings through Beijing's highways and byways and his discovery of Jingtailan (jǐng tài lán, 景泰蓝). Also known as Cloisonné, this fascinating craft is a unique combination of sculpture, painting, porcelain making and copper-smithing said to have originated in Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty.>>>

Discovering cloisonné

It was really exciting to visit the Beijing Jingtailan Factory (Beijing Cloisonné Plant), a national-level center for Chinese intangible cultural heritage. When we arrived over there, the first thing we saw was a room filled with ready made Jingtailan items—they looked beautiful and were very expensive: Jingtailan Factory Beijing At first, we thought, "Why do they cost so much?" But after seeing the complete production process and how they are made, we understood better how difficult it is and how long it takes to make each incredible piece. Jingtailan Factory Beijing Jingtailan Factory Beijing The visit enabled us to learn how these gorgeous artworks are produced, and we also had the chance to make our own art pieces under the instruction of technicians. After our trip, we had a much clearer understanding of the true cultural value of these beautifully crafted items.

Every face tells a story

For me, the most exciting thing in photography is taking pictures of people and Beijing is great place to do this. It is a city full of very interesting people and each of them has his story written on his face: Beijing stret portraits Beijing street portraits I am always exploring street with one of my large or small cameras. Sometimes I shoot with large format which is fun, because everybody around is wondering what's going on and why this strange man has this old big camera and what is he doing with that black cloth over his head! Beijing stret portraits Beijing stret portraits Beijing stret portraits_clown All images © Damian Dzialoszynski If you've enjoyed looking at Damian's images, there are plenty more where they came from so go ahead and visit him over at his Flickr photostream.
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