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The nearest subway station is Tuanjiehu Subway Station on Line 10, but it's still few blocks east of the action. The intersections of Sanlitun Lu and Dongzhimenwai Dajie or Sanlitun and Nóngzhǎnguǎn Lù (农展馆路) will put you in a good spot to go from on foot. Some of the best bars are further south on Sanlitun Nan Lu, just east of Worker's Stadium.

Bars, restaurants and shops line the streets of Sanlitun (Sānlǐtún, 三里屯), also often referred to as the Sanlitun Entertainment Area and the Sanlitun Embassy Area.

Long a favorite among expats, travelers and budget tourists, Sanlitun restaurants and bars stay open late, and a number of shops cater to international tastes. It's not the cheapest Beijing neighborhood for a night out or a shopping spree, but there's a little bit of everything on offer within the area on either side of Sanlitun Lu (Sānlǐtún Lù, 三里屯路) which runs north-south.

The Liangma River (Liàngmǎ Hé, 亮马河) and Liàngmǎ Hé Lù (亮马河路) form the northern boundary of the Sanlitun Embassy Area, which is home to some of the swankier eateries. Running south for about 1.5 km (1 mi), the bars are clustered around Sanlitun Lu between Dōngzhímén Wài Dàjiē (东直门外大街) and Gongrentiyuchang Bei Lu (Gōngrén Tǐyùchǎng Běi Lù, 工人体育场北路) which runs east-west and is located just east of Worker's Stadium. A lower-key set of bars and pubs lies to the south on Sanlitun Nan Lu (Sānlǐtún Nán Lù, 三里屯南路).

During the day, the shopping is excellent, with choices ranging from tiny alleyway bargain spots and upscale boutiques to the massive five-story Ya Show Clothing Market (Yǎxiù Fúzhuāng Shìchǎng, 雅秀服装市场) on Gongrentiyuchang Bei Lu between Sanlitun and Xīndōng Lù (新东路) to the west. This complex is home not only to clothes, but also bolts of silk and other fabrics, shoes and bags, watches, jade, pearls and almost anything else you'd expect to be able to haggle over in Beijing.

Check out alleyways and side streets, where you'll often find the best deals and most surprising finds. Most vendors and restaurant staff speak enough English to do basic business. Bargain vigorously and be wary of fakes.

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