Qinglong Gorge


30 RMB


How to get there:

Entrance to Qinglong Gorge will set you back RMB 30 all other activities are extra.

One of Beijing little known scenic spots, Qinglong Xia (Green Dragon Gorge), is a large reservoir located some 75km from Beijing's 3rd ring road, near the town of Huairou. The area's vast body of deep green water curves and snakes around between the feet of a pair of mountains, and when viewed from a height, resembles a typical Chinese dragon—hence the name.

There are activities aplenty, enough to please outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike. Nature walks up mountain trails take in some beautiful scenery and flora. Set atop the ridges of mountains is a section of the Great Wall, completely original and has undergone no restoration. This section formerly joined the more well known Simatai and Mutianyu sections of the wall and is accessible via a cable car. Adrenaline junkies will enjoy the bungee installation and gorge-crossing zip-line.

If you're after a relaxing day out or a spot of yachting—Qinglong Xia has you well covered too. Yachts, dragon boats, speed boats and self-propelled water craft are available for hire, prices range from RMB 10 to 50 and usage is timed.

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