Great Wall of China at Jinshanling


RMB 50 for entrance to Jinshanling + RMB 50 for entrance to Simatai


How to get there:

From Beijing, minibuses leave from the Dongzhimen bus station (RMB 20) early in the morning and many hotels can arrange minibus trips for around RMB 60. To return to Beijing buses 12 leaves for Simatai from the South Cathedral at Xuanwumen (RMB 50).

The Jinshanling (Jīnshānlǐng, 金山岭) section of the Great Wall is well-known as the starting point of s 10.5 km (6.5 mi) hike along the wall that ends at Simatai. While the initial section of the wall has been restored, the wall deteriorates as it approaches Simatai. Jinshanling has had less restoration work done on it than other parts of the wall such as Simatai, Badaling and Mutianyu and is popular among travelers who want to get an "authentic" experience away from the tourist hordes who flock to sections of the wall that are within closer proximity to Beijing.  

The hike between Jinshanling and Simatai is truly amazing. The wall snakes over the mountains and the views on the hike are spectacular. Along the way, there are numerous watchtowers and beacon towers of various constructions and states of disrepair to explore. 

Because much of the Jinshanling wall has not been renovated, the ancient steps are often uneven and you won't find the convenient iron handrails and garbage pails every 100 meters like you would at more touristy parts of the wall.

The hike takes four to five hours and is well worth it. You can also start the hike from Simatai and end in Jinshanling, but it's generally best to start at Jinshanling as it's more remote and it's easier to get transportation back to Beijing from Simatai. 

At the ticket gate to Jinshanling there are a few shops, but nothing in the way of accommodations. If you are looking to stay overnight, there are a few modestly priced hostels and guesthouses in Simatai where you can stay.

A cable car has been constructed to take visitors up to the wall, or you can hike up a steep path in about 15 minutes.

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