Fenghuang Ling Scenic Area (Phoenix Hill Scenic Area)


25 RMB


7am - 5pm

How to get there:

Located outside the Beijing city limits, you can reach Fenghuang Ling by taking the Beijing Subway to Beigongmen Station (Metro Line 4) and then taking the No. 346 bus to the Fenghuang stop. Overall, the bus trip takes around an hour.

The Fenhuang Ling Scenic Area (Phoenix Hill Scenic Area) is located in northwest Beijing's Hiadian District. Covering a total of 17.88 square kilometers, Fenghuang Ling offers amazing views, large rockeries and rich vegetation.

Nestled between the hill's lush peach, apricot and acacia trees are a number of temples, many dating back to the Liao, Jin, Ming and Qing dynasties. Another key attraction is a Northern Wei Dynasty relic, the Taihe stone statue, which, at 1,500 years old, is Beijing's oldest stone statue.

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