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The Forbidden City's red walls and golden roof tiles. Labyrinthine lanes running through low-slung grey brick hutong neighborhoods. Futuristic skyscrapers punctuating the horizon in all directions, broad avenues and the expanse of Tian'anmen Square. Traffic jams and dust storms, ancient imperial gardens and bustling electronics markets.... Beijing (Běijīng, 北京) holds an astonishing range of experiences for the curious and adventurous.

Steeped in the past even as it focuses with all its might on the future, Beijing is continuously emerging and re-emerging on the global stage, cementing its place as the capital of a bona fide world power after hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. Since the Olympics, vast areas of the city have been transformed as new high-rise complexes displace old hutong warrens, yet Old Beijing holds fast in surprising ways and places.

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