Beihai Submarine World


RMB 118


How to get there:

Located in Seashore Park. Take bus No. 3, 9 or take a motorbike (pay the driver 2-5 RMB).

Beihai Submarine World (Beihai Haiyang zhi Chuang) is a large museum with two parts.  One area houses the former Aquatic Products Museum which, next to Qingdao, is the earliest and largest aquatic products museum in China.


The second area has a large submarine to explore and a collection of reef fish from both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. One of the highlights of a visit is watching divers "dance" with the sharks.


And like all other tourist destination, there are the obiligatory kitsch elements, such as porcelain mini replications of the Ancient City of Incas and the Silk Road and the sunken Second World War boats placed underwater in the tank.
Opened in 1978, Aquatic Products Museum exhibits sea animals and plants from the South China Sea, including both preserved specimens and live sea animals. The 2,800 sea fauna and over 670 specimens are arranged according to the evolutionary order.


Part 2 of the museum is divided into seven exhibit halls with many protected species on exhibit including a 600 year-old turtle weighing 100 kgs, a 2 meter long Dugong, the Chinese White Dolphin and the cowfish.


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