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Situated among the limestone karst landforms characteristic of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and the watersheds the Pearl and Yangtze rivers, Anshun is an excellent base for visiting some of Guizhou's finest caves and waterfalls, as well as the villages of the Bouyei (Buyei) people, known for their batik fabrics, sturdy and attractive stone-and-slate houses, animistic religion and customary loose-fitting blue-dyed clothing.

The town of Anshun itself is pleasant enough, though short on historical attractions of note beyond the impressive Wen Miao (Confucius Temple), it's stunningly ornate statues and lintel stones slightly dischevelled from overgrowths of moss and grass. Quiet and charming, it's a great place to enjoy a cup of local tea.

Most travelers visit for the promise of easy access to Huangguoshu Falls—China's largest waterfall—and the Longgong Caves (home to China's longest underground river), but there are plenty of regional attractions to consider besides. Massive Zhijin Cave is one of the largest on the planet, and, continuing Guizhou's list of superlative natural attractions, China's largest.

For a trip back to the Ming era, Tun Bu Village provides a fascinating window into China's dynastic past. Given a century of wars followed by several generations of modernize-at-any-cost willy-nilly development, it's something of a miracle that this town of ancient stone streets, walls and houses has survided intact. And, given its relative distance from highly promoted and publicized tourist destinations, Tun Bu is also a welcome break from crowds and overcommercialization.

Finally, among Chinese, Anshun is best known for its powerful local spirit--the region's version of baijiu, a powerful distilled clear alcohol. Be forewarned, it's not a drink you want to dive into headfirst, you'd be well advised to just dip your little toe in and test the waters. 

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