Anhui Overview

Situated in the Yangtze River basin, and also home to the Haui River's watershed, Anhui Province is most famously known as one of China's poorest regions. This slow pace of economic growth is a direct correlation to adverse geographic conditions: Anhui's climate is dry and arid, making the land mostly unusable for agriculture, the few areas that can support growth are regularly flooded by the erratic nature of the Yangtze.
Despite this rather bleak picture, Anhui has some rather popular sites and attractions, namely the capital city Hefei and the marvelous peaks of Huang Shan. Additionally, the province's slow development adds extra value for budget travelers, as prices on everything from food to hotels are significantly lower.
Outside of these two main destinations, Anhui's Jiuhua Shan, a rather undeveloped Buddhist, mountain settlement, and Bozhou, one of the centers of Traditional Chinese Medicine, offer interesting experiences to tourists with a strong desire to witness China's less-traveled regions.

Anhui history

Anhui climate

Anhui attractions

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