Amanfayun: Yesterday's Hangzhou tea village is today's luxury villa resort

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Posted: August 2nd, 2010 | Updated: April 19th, 2011 | Comments
Amanfayun Resort Hangzhou that has been transformed by Adrian Zecha (Aman Resorts) and renowned Indonesian designer Jaya Ibrahim into a 5-star resort. Amanfayun, which opened at the beginning of the year, takes care to preserve the best of Hangzhou's rich cultural blend of tea culture, Chinese Buddhist tradition, classical garden design and respect for the delicate natural balance found in the lush hills and valleys just off West Lake. Gostelow writes beautifully of the experience (click through to read the entire piece, "Temples, Boats and Amanfayun"), highlighting the mix of teahouse culture, local temple life and natural beauty that Amanyafun offers:
You know you are China, here at Amanfayun. Among the various local eating houses along the Pathway is the wooden He Tea House, run by the exuberant Mrs Pang Yin. In typical western garb, she is the quintessential Chinese hostess, suggesting seating at low tables on the front terrace, by birds in five-foot cages, or inside in one of many intimate alcoves. Make sure you admire not only her vitrines of exquisite teas, and miniature chinaware, for sale, but also the private ‘bins’ of her tea-club members. Glass-fronted, each bin holds the favorite leaves, tiny cups and saucers and personal memorabilia of the relevant member. You can also choose local food at Hangzhou House, dim sum in Steam House, or no-meat in Vegetarian House, run by local monks. ("Temples, Boats and Amanfayun")
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