A Lost Laowai finds his way to 7 "slightly off the beaten path" China destinations

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Posted: September 28th, 2010 | Updated: May 5th, 2011 | Comments
putuoshan ...and shares the results. (Lost Laowai,  by the way, is a must-read for anyone intent on spending serious time in China, whether to travel or to settle down for a while...or some combo of both). This particular post, by LL stalwart Putuoshan; Shaolin Temple in Denfang, Henan; Xinjiang's Kharakoram Pass; and Beijing's 798 Arts District. There are a couple more, but we don't want to give too much away, so check out 7 More Slightly Off the Beaten Path Locations in China for the rest. It's a fun read—we love Glen's unexpected comparisons. For example, he writes that Putuoshan's "windy, rocky shores... reminded me a lot of Nova Scotia, but with more incense," which has to be a first for an island southeast of Shanghai and roughly on the same latitude as the wet-and-warm Carolina coast (and though there are a lot of old hippies floating around the Nova Scotia coast, we have to admit the Buddhist monks outsmoke the hippies in the incense department). He also includes useful itinerary recommendations to help you plug your trips off the (slightly) beaten path into visits to other destinations, to wit: "Head to Shanghai for two to three days, then take the bus or train to Hangzhou for another two, take the bus and ferry to Putoshan for the last three days to effectively unwind." Sounds good to us! Again, check it all out here.
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